Sale of nine subsidiaries out of the eifeler Group to the voestalpine Group

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BlueCF exclusively advised the eifeler Group, Germany, on the sale of nine subsidiaries to the Special Steel Division of voestalpine AG, Austria.

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For 30 years, the eifeler Group has been active in the fast-growing market of high-tech coatings and worldwide ranks among the leaders within the coating market. In its own research and development laboratories with highly qualified engineers, physicists and chemists, the company develops innovative coating systems for various industrial applications and medical technology.

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The listed voestalpine Group is a global steel, processing and technology company that fabricates, processes and develops high-quality steel products. With its 500 subsidiaries and offices, the Group is represented in more than 50 countries. The voestalpine Special Steel Division, one of four divisions of the voestalpine Group, is focused on technologically superior materials and customer-specific services. The division is a global market leader in tool steel and has a leading position in high-speed steels and special forgings.

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Six of these subsidiaries are based in Germany, two in Switzerland and one in the USA. All subsidiaries are market leaders in the field of component coating for the tool industry.



M&A Quarton, A Cowen Company

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M&A Quarton, A Cowen Company

+49 89 2000 393 0

Customer Statements

When I bought the DOT GmbH in 2007, I met Blue Corporate Finance as the sell side advisor on the other side of the table. Since then I decided to have Blue Corporate Finance as a support for my next transaction. Now, six years later, I am convinced that my impression at that time and the subsequent decision was the right one.
Hans W. Eifeler
Founder and stakeholder of the eifeler Group

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