count on our in-depth industry knowledge

through the operative experience

of our partners

One of Quarton International’s key success factors is the clear industry focus of its partners.
Our partnership has extensive operational experience, in-depth sector knowledge and long-standing relationships within each of our focus sectors.

Automotive & Diversified Industrial

The commercial relevance of the automotive & diversified industrial sector, combined with its long and complex supply chain, has always been a vital part of our economic environment. We serve every area of the sector that has organized industrial production, value-added distribution and/or development structures. Our expertise further encompasses services and enabling technologies within the industrial world.


We define Consumer as goods which are produced and distributed for private use and consumption. This essentially includes the areas of food and beverage, cosmetics, apparel and accessories, housewares, furniture, building products as well as recreational items.

Retail & eCommerce

Classic retail chain stores and vertically integrated brands are not the only way to reach consumers anymore, and haven’t been for a while. Internet and mobile supported formats are competing for attention and purchasing power among consumers. Our sector expertise encompasses all of these areas – beginning with classic retail to online, to offline, to curated content and advertising formats, all the way to marketplaces.


Technology, media and telecommunication – this sector primarily includes IT companies that provide hardware and software as well as telecommunication companies and ISPs, media companies, portal operators and classic publishers. We put a particular emphasis on companies whose digital environments overlap with our focus sectors of Retail, Automotive & Diversified Industrial, Healthcare and Consumer.

Real Estate

We accompany our clients on both the sales and purchasing sides with transactions at real estate companies and developers, with the inspection of real estate and portfolios, and also with the financing of development projects and the repositioning of real estate investments into the non-real estate sector.


Quarton International has a proven track record of healthcare transactions with a focus on orthopedics, managed care, alternate site care, healthcare IT, medical devices and outsourced clinical and practice management services.

Business Services

The business services sector is comprised of the entire spectrum of professional and support services. This includes business process outsourcing, education services, environmental services, facilities and grounds services, professional services and marketing services.

Energy & Chemicals

Energy & chemicals represent the earliest stages of the industrial value-chains and form basis for many processing industries. Both sectors are characterized by high capital intensity, economies of scale and an increasingly small-scaled and decentralized structure. We support our clients throughout the entire value chain of both sectors, above all in terms of infrastructure, production, trade and distribution.

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