Quarton International berät Carbide Grinding Company beim Verkauf an GW Schultz Tool, ein Portfoliounternehmen von Addison Capital Partners

Tombstone Carbide GWS Transaktion 2018 deutsch


Grinding Company, Inc. has been acquired by GWS Tool Group, a portfolio company of Addison Capital Partners. Quarton International acted as the exclusive investment banking advisor to Carbide Grinding.


Carbide Grinding is a leading manufacturer of precision carbide, PCD and CBN tipped insert tooling serving the automotive, aerospace, power generation and medical sectors. Carbide Grinding is headquartered in Chesterfield, Indiana.

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GWS Tool Group is a vertically integrated manufacturer of highly engineered custom, standard and modified standard cutting tools, primarily servicing aerospace and defense, automotive and medical device sectors. The subsidiary companies that comprise GWS Tool Group are GW Schultz Tool, CGI Tool and Alliance CNC Tool.

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Addison Capital Partners is a private equity investment firm that seeks partnerships with owners and operators of middle market growth companies, often that are closely held or family owned businesses, to provide legacy stewardship, liquidity, growth capital and management resources to grow and build exceptional enterprises.

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