Quarton International berät Lone Star Funds beim Verkauf von GEMCITY Engineering and Manufacturing an CapitalWorks LLC

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GEMCITY Engineering and Manufacturing, a portfolio company of Lone Star Funds, has been acquired by CapitalWorks LLC. Quarton International acted as the exclusive investment banking advisor to Gem City and Lone Star Funds.


Headquartered in the Dayton, Ohio, Gem City is a premium provider of electro-mechanical assemblies and sub-assemblies for niche applications. The Company specializes in highly automated, custom equipment and assemblies that require high levels of technical expertise in mechanical and electrical engineering. The Company serves a wide range of markets, including defense, medical, optical communications, packaging, robotics, semiconductor and general industrial markets. The Company’s product solutions are diverse, ranging from specialized liquid handling systems for life science applications to mobile, unmanned robots for bomb disposal applications.

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CapitalWorks LLC is a Midwestern and family-focused private equity firm that encourages knowledgeable investors to partner with it in finding, vetting and owning companies. Based in Cleveland, Ohio, CapitalWorks acquires lower middle-market companies in niche manufacturing, value-added distribution, and business services industries and gives them the capital, support and freedom to grow. Recent acquisitions include CWindows, Chemtron Corporation, and Capewell Aerial Systems. Founded in 1999, the firm’s investors are primarily successful entrepreneurs and executives who contribute to the evaluation and investment process.

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Mergers & Acquisitions, Cowen

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Greg S.

Managing Director
Mergers & Acquisitions, Cowen

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André A.

Vice Chairman
Investment Banking, Cowen

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