Quarton International berät North Branch Capital beim Verkauf von Motion Solutions an Frontenac

Tombstone Motion Solutions 2018 Transaktion deutsch


Birmingham, Michigan – Quarton International is pleased to announce that Motion Solutions, a portfolio company of North Branch Capital, has been acquired by Frontenac. Quarton International acted as the exclusive investment banking advisor to the Motion Solutions in this transaction.


Motion Solutions  is a leading provider of highly engineered linear motion, motion control and automation systems for critical, high technology applications that require precise, reliable and customized movement. The Company’s products are sold as individual components or assembled into complex systems to be incorporated into the customer’s final products. Motion Solutions specializes in delivering engineering expertise in motion systems to the medical equipment, technology, life sciences and aerospace end markets. The company is headquartered in Also Viejo, California. More information: www.motionsolutions.com.

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Frontenac  is a private equity firm, based in Chicago, IL, that focuses on investing in the consumer, industrial, and services industries. Frontenac has worked with over 275 owners of mid-sized businesses as they address the complex transition issues of liquidity, management enhancement and growth planning. More information: www.frontenac.com.

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North Branch Capital  is a middle market private equity firm, based in Oak Brook, IL, with a long history of investing alongside and partnering with management teams in industrial businesses. North Branch targets businesses that lead with engineering excellence or value-added services in order to solve complex customer problems. More information: www.northbranchcap.com


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Robert S.

Managing Director and Head
Sell-Side Mergers & Acquisitions, Cowen

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Matthew P.

Managing Director
Mergers & Acquisitions, Cowen

+1 248 988 4529

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