Quarton International berät Projects Unlimited beim Verkauf von PUI Audio an Champlain Capital Partners

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Birmingham, Michigan – Quarton International is pleased to announce that PUI Audio Inc. (“PUI Audio” or the “Company”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Projects Unlimited, Inc., has been acquired by Champlain Capital Partners. Quarton International acted as the exclusive investment banking advisor to Projects Unlimited, Inc. in this transaction.


PUI Audio Inc. is a supplier of high-quality audio devices and components including microphones, speakers, indicators, receivers, sirens and transducers. The Company’s wide array of products are used in diverse applications, such as ATMs, barcode scanners, consumer electronics, drones, fuel dispensing units, medical devices, home security systems and white goods. PUI Audio’s products are sold to original equipment manufacturers, contract manufacturers and distributors and reach thousands of end users in 23 countries. The Company is headquartered in Dayton, Ohio. More information: www.puiaudio.com.

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Champlain Capital Partners is a private equity firm with offices in San Francisco and Boston that invests in consumer, industrial, and businesses services. Since 1992, Champlain’s partners have invested $1 billion in more than 70 companies to facilitate transfers of ownership and provide capital for growing businesses in partnership with management. More information: www.champlaincapital.com

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Projects Unlimited, Inc.  is an AS9100D and ISO 9001:2015 certified electronics contract manufacturer and solutions provider. Headquartered in Dayton, Ohio, Projects Unlimited serves the military and defense, aerospace and commercial aerospace industries, specializing in low volume, high mix electronic assemblies. More information: www.pui.com.

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