Quarton Internationals Debt Advisory Group berät Unipower und JMC bei der Refinanzierung ihrer Obligationen

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Unipower LLC, a portfolio company of JMC Capital Partners, has refinanced its outstanding debt obligations.  Quarton International’s Debt Advisory Group acted as the exclusive financial advisor to Unipower and JMC in arranging financing for the transaction.


Unipower is a best-in-class global developer, manufacturer and distributor of highly configurable power systems and solutions for mission-critical wireless, telecommunication, industrial, commercial, and process automation applications.  Unipower’s products assure dedicated and backup power supply critical for the seamless 24-7 operation and control of automated electrical systems.

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JMC Capital Partners is a Boston-based private equity firm that executes an operationally focused Platform Strategy acquiring technology-driven Industrial Products companies in the underserved Lower-Lower market.  JMC has $325 million in committed capital raised across two funds.

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