Quarton International berät Vikan bei Kauf der Remco Products Corporation

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Indianapolis, Indiana – Quarton International is pleased to announce that Vikan A/S (“Vikan”) has acquired Remco Products Corporation (“Remco”). Quarton International acted as the exclusive investment banking advisor to Vikan in this cross-border transaction.


Since 1898, Vikan has been setting standards in effective, durable cleaning tools and advanced services.  Vikan has developed, manufactured and marketed professional cleaning equipment and systems that promote the highest standards of hygiene, while offering extensive choice and value.  Recognized leaders in research and product development, a profound knowledge of cleaning standards, methods and technologies, coupled with a unique model for co-innovating with customers, help make Vikan a leader in hygienic cleaning solutions worldwide.  Vikan is headquartered in Skive, Denmark.

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Remco provides specialized color-coded tools for cleaning and material handling where hygiene and safety are critical.  The introduction of a food-safe polypropylene shovel more than 30 years ago established Remco as an industry pioneer of hygienic design.  In addition to its hygienic shovels, scoops, and scrapers, Remco features Vikan’s advanced line of brushes, brooms, and squeegees.  Remco also provides training and support to end users, helping ensure regulatory compliance.  Regardless of an operation’s size or complexity, Remco has the tools and expertise to help execute HACCP color-coding plans.  Remco is headquartered in Zionsville, Indiana.

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